Website Disclaimer

The City of Willow Park maintains an internet website for the purpose of distributing vital information to the public, including but not limited to City ordinances, records of public meetings, public events, contact information, financial information, and more.

The City’s official website shall be the primary source of information distributed via electronic media.

In all communication via the City’s website, employees shall abide by the following code of conduct:

  1. Information posted on the City website should be timely and accurate. Changes to any posted content should be updated as soon as practicable.
  2. Each department head or their designee shall be responsible to communicate with the Communications and Marketing Department about any necessary changes to the web site. Certain departments will be allowed access to update their own pages and information.
  3. Oversight for the City’s website shall be conducted through the Communications and Marketing Department.
  4. All postings to the City’s website shall conform to the content requirements set forth in the General section of this policy.