City Council


Council Member Place 1 
Eric Contreras

(817) 901-9949


Amy Fennell

Council Member Place 2
Amy Fennell

(903) 241-2844


Greg Runnebaum

Council Member Place 3

Greg Runnebaum
(817) 901-4757




Lea Young

Council Member Place 4
Lea Young

(817) 992-6115

Gary McKaughan

Council Member Place 5
Gary McKaughan

Office of Councilmember

Councilmembers are the city’s legislators. Their primary duty is policymaking, which includes identifying the needs of local residents, formulating programs to meet the changing requirements of the community, and measuring the effectiveness of ongoing municipal services. Unless restricted by state law, each councilmember is entitled to vote or abstain on every question decided at a council meeting, and has full parliamentary privileges in council meetings—including the right to speak and make motions when recognized by the chair and the right to introduce new ordinances and amendments to existing ones. Though foremost in importance, lawmaking is just one of many functions councilmembers perform.  They also wear several other hats, which one writer describes as follows: Regulator—The council exercises regulatory powers over the conduct and property of its citizens. It has the power to declare certain conduct to be criminal, to require that certain businesses and activities be licensed, and to tell property owners how and for what purposes  they may use their property. 
Financier—The council may levy taxes, assess fees and charges, and sell bonds in order to finance the many functions of the city government. The council also has to budget the expenditure of the city’s funds, and then explain to the people why municipal government is a bargain compared to the price of rampant crime, fires, disease, and all of the other problems that would flourish without proper city services. 
Employer—The council is responsible for all of the city’s employees, and must see that they are adequately paid and provided with decent working conditions and fringe benefits. 
Buyer—The council is one of the biggest purchasers in the community, and must see to it that the city gets the best value possible for dollars spent. Even this is not a complete description of all the challenges that confront councilmembers. The real task is in providing leadership and direction for the city, in deciding what needs to be done.

Regular City Council Meetings
2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm
Willow Park Municipal Complex
516 Ranch House Road
Willow Park, Texas 76087

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